Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vampire silhouettes

  I have always liked creepy, dark images (can you tell?).  So what would be better than a set of Vampire silhouettes?  Since Vampires cannot be photographed, they are natural candidates for silhouette portraits.  I decided that each silhouette should incorporate some Vampire elements (i.e.; wings and drops of blood) to better reveal their true natures.  Each one has a short history as well.
  I am thinking of maybe having these images printed onto linen pillows with their stories also printed on backsides.  Does anyone think this is a good idea? 

   This first in my Vampire series is an icy beauty called "Svetlana". She was an 18th century Russian noblewoman, distantly related to the Romanov Czars. She was turned to the dark side while attending a masked ball in St. Petersburg one chilly winter's night. Her haughty manner and cruel streak made her a terror to her serfs during the long winter nights of Russia.   
This next silhouette in my Vampire series is a gentleman known as "Vincent". He was a French adventurer who traveled to Egypt in the 19th century. One night, while exploring some of the darker alley ways of Alexandria, he was turned to the dark side. Later, he returned to Paris to prowl the night time streets of the Latin quarter. It was said that he could mesmerize a victim with a single glance of his burning eyes.
This next silhouette in my Vampire series is a gentleman named "Armonde". He was an early 19th century Venetian merchant who was turned to the dark side while on a trading mission to Constantinople. He returned home to haunt the night time canals and candle lit salons of Venice.

   This last silhouette (my favorite) in my Vampire series is an English woman called "Emmeline". She was one of Henry VIII early mistresses (in 16th century England). After her beauty began to fade, the King tired of her, and she returned to her home in the north to find a way to support herself (or to find an understanding husband). Instead, she was turned to the dark side while out walking one night through the country, in the fog. She was more beautiful in death than she had ever been in life, and lured many a traveler crossing the moors to their doom.
   As usual, all these are available for sale at my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/BarkingMadArts