Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flower Geishas

  Here's a treat!  These are two images I made several years ago.  I sold a few prints of these two lovelies (at art shows), and then I filed them away and forgot about them.  I "re-discovered" these while going through some old files in my computer the other day, and I thought I would share them here on my blog.  I invented a series of flower-headed Victorian photos and that I called the "Vicflorians", and these were part of that series.
  The original images are taken from two old Japanese postcards depicting Geishas in hand-colored old sepia photos.  I added more colors and placed the flowers into the photos (instead of heads), and then I added lots of distressing and age marks.  I always felt that these were very sweet.
  These images are NOT for sale in my Etsy site now.   I am not sure if anyone would like these or if I should offer them for sale.  What do people think?
  They are now for sell in my Etsy shop;   Please enjoy!

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  1. Hi Milo! Well, I definitely think you should sell these on Etsy! There's always a target market for each art we do, just a matter of majority and minority, right? So for me, it's always good to keep things diverse in the shop just to see which piece attract which group.

    Not that I'm an expert or anything...hahaa! :D