Monday, December 20, 2010

More Steampunk silhouettes

Here are some of the other steampunk silhouettes I made.  I started this project while I was stuck in a Chinese hotel room for a week.  I had nothing to do, so I sketched out all these crazy ideas for steampunk machines, and then I turned them into silhouettes.  It took me a while, after I got back from my trip, to figure out how to use these.

  This first one is my idea for how a Victorian scientist might approach the idea of listening to music while driving his vehicle.  It is called "Fluxions".
  This one has a more classical bent to the idea of mechanical flight.  It is called "Icarus, Steampunk".  I love the little wings on his ankles.
  This is called the "Perambulator", which means to walk.  I like the idea of some kind of orthopedic machinery for older people.  It walks for them.  It also has a huge listening trumpet attached to it for the hard of hearing as well.

All of these are available for sale at my Etsy site:

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