Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Birdies on Her Mind

 Here is my latest creation, the "Birdcage Woman".  I couldn't think of a better name, sorry.  I had this vision of a woman wearing a birdcage in her hair with birds flying in and out of the cage.  I made a sketch a few months ago and I never really knew how to finish it, until a few days ago when it came to me.  The key was adding the branch that burst out through the cage and really added to the composition.  I added a few more little cages and some birds and Voila'!  The paper background is an old lace napkin that I scanned a while ago and changed the colors to make it tonally green.
 What do you think?  If I get a good response, I will make a matching silhouette facing the other way and offer them as a set.

Available at my shop; Barking Mad Arts & Curiosities

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